I am always curious about how people alter their day-to-day to make it a little better for themselves. How do they change their objects, spaces, routines, and relationships? Especially now, in our internet connected lives. I wonder what’s missing, what’s working, and what could be better (and what does better mean?).

This curiosity has led me to a light interest in the social-sciences and human behavior, how they not only can be applied to the design itself, but also shift how we work together.

I’ve worked as a designer in marketing, advertising, start-ups, consultancies, and now big tech’.

Write me at florence[at]

What I do

I work with software teams to uncover opportunities through research and design. I prefer a hybrid agile/lean method to get to a testable experience.

I occasionally commit code, draw, and take photographs


Amazon (present), Substantial, Wieden+Kennedy, Plantly, Sid Lee, Critical Mass


University of Southern California - Shoah Foundation
Haworth - Bluescape
Linked Learning
I Heart Jane (start-up)
Mercedes-Benz Research and Development
Depict (start-up)
Curadora (start-up)
Dow Jones - Mansion Global
San Francisco 49ers
Nike - NXN
Procter and Gamble
Mercedes-Benz USA


2018 - Seattle Interactive Conference, speaker
2018 - Portland League of Women Designers, speaker
2017 - Unloop, speaker
2017 - AIGA, panelist
2016 - Love is Action
2016 - Seattle Central Creative Academy, speaker
2014 - Oregon Museum of Science and Industry, exhibit
2013 - University of Oregon Whitebox, exhibit