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San Francisco 49ers

Substantial (2014)
Android application

A new perspective on the stadium experience

The lauded and highly anticipated Levi's stadium herald opportunities to set a new standard for live entertainment. Appellation49 was an opportunity to not only provide modern service design but also introduce a new club suite concept: explore exclusive Californian wine through select tastings and walk away with your favorite discoveries.


  • UX
  • Design and UI


  • Design Lead
  • ~ 2-3 months
  • From sketches to launch

2015 - View from the Citrix suites


The concept, flow and the styling were explored in parallel and early in the project. Together these 'sketches' helped envision the final experience quickly and early.

After Effects prototype

Along with sketches and benchmarking, a motion prototype was created to explore one of the concepts. Though never created in the final product, it helped articulate the look & feel of the end experience.

Checkout flow

Mapping out the checkout flow confirmed business requirements with our client and also helped us evaluate the buyer's decision process.

Sample wiresframes

Wires were prototyped with Flinto.


Three divergent visual systems were explored. They range in proximity to the SF49ers brand, some stand as its own distinct brand and others relate closely to it.

Exploration 1 - Measured. Geometric. Modern.

Inspired by the early Californian vintners who pioneered new wine making methods, this is is a nod to their experimental nature. To bring the concept to modernity, it pulls in ideas of experimentation from restaurants like el Bulli, where a more mathematical and carefully observed approach is taken.

Exploration 2 - Natural. Fresh. Modern.

Textural. Inspired by the architectural space in their use of truth to materials-the stained, not painted wood panels, the exposed concrete, the clear glass-we bring in textiles, warm colors, and natural settings.

Exploration 3 - Classic. Editorial.

Proposed style tile

"Beginning with the 2014 season, the San Francisco 49ers will move into Levi's Stadium in Santa Clara ... A focal point of the Citrix Owners Club experience will be the Appellation 49 program. This exclusive group of hand-selected California vintners will provide Citrix Owners Club suite holders and their guests access to some of the most acclaimed wines from our region."

Excerpt from the Appellation49 program

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