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Substantial (2015)
Web application

A hotel search made for fans

Curadora helps fans find a place to stay for their festival, concert, or other live event. By customizing the default search to a specific location, dates, and nuances of the event, fans get to a hotel they want quicker. Event organizers have greater control of their end-to-end service and profit from a margin that otherwise would have gone to a generic search engine.


  • Research and planning
  • UX and usability testing
  • Branding


  • Design lead
  • ~ 1 year
  • From pitch to development


Design and development from product, brand, to marketing site


With so many established booking brands already adopted, we needed to get to market quickly and with a different perspective. Our team was small and wouldn't be able to compete on features. Instead, our focus turned to the fans and producers and how we could cater to them.

Diverge and listen: two-day Discovery workshop

As led by Dan Romanow in Philadelphia (2015)

Research: understanding the business and the industry

Before the design work started, we sought to understand how our competitors were modeling their businesses. Once the general logistics and requirements were determined, we benchmarked our competitors within a framework of an experience map.

Left: One of several options on database integrations mapped from end-to-end.
Right: One of four phases identified in a typical search and booking app mapped along actions, needs, opportunities, and ideas.

Diverge and explore: sample team sketches

With ideas for an MVP selected from the Experience Map, we diverged on each with the development team. We discussed feasibility, logistics, and sketched further alternatives.

Left: whiteboard notes on browsing.
Right: group sketches on alternative interactions and features.

Converge and define: excerpt from experience guidelines

Industry benchmarks, experience trends, market understanding, and travel research were combined with our perspective on what could be this app's market differentiation. Together, it informed a first draft of experience guides - a way to assess design and feature explorations.

Right: A combination of study highlights and examples from other products.


It was important to balance what was expected from a widely known paradigm (searching by a map) with differentiating features specific to event-goers.

Research: excerpt from the map view audit

An audit of map view features and flows were assessed within the industry and outside it. It captured trends, notable features, and summarized a list of recommendations on approaches. We now had a framework for our design ideation.

Diverge and spike: sketching and prototyping

With sufficient guides on what we were looking for from a map view, a few designers spent the day sketching a range of what-ifs.

Left: Sketches by Maria Jose Montero.
Right: Prototypes by Ryan McLaughlin.

Excerpt from the map view designs

Research, flows, and wires were drawn out to envision the proposed feature.


Curadora was a new product and unknown to event producers. A simple, energetic, and colorful word mark was developed to help bring the business to market quickly without going MVP on the brand's core.

Excerpt from brand guidelines

A flexible framework that the brand can expand further from. Not shown are the examples of how the brand could look, act, and sound throughout the app and their service.


Development and design were sprinting together for a quicker build and test cycle. Along with testing how the app would handle ingesting and querying hundreds of hotels, we sampled different options on copy, iconography, and interactions.

Test: guerrilla usability testing

Samples from testing on mobile, tablet, and desktop.

Test: iterative development

Sample of early builds

Left: Loading screen displayed your filter preferences in a colloquial language. Middle: Search modal with large UI. Right: Hotel details page.

Initial loading screen

Card view

Each card could be 'flipped' to show either the photographs of the hotel or the map route between the hotel and the venue.

Map view

Confirmation page

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