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Anonymous Observer

In collaboration with Justin Gaussoin (2013, 2014)

Early experimentations in play, body, and projections

An experiment using infra-red technology (Kinect) and code (C++) to project fantastical versions of users. Previously exhibited at the University of Oregon's White Box in 2013 and at the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry in 2014.


  • Art direction
  • UX and design


  • Designer

As part of the ruffle exhibition at Oregon's White Box

ruffle is an exhibition by a group of women from varied backgrounds across the art and design spectrum that have practices based in Portland, Oregon. This exhibition presents inventive and critical inquiry through a variety of creative platforms. The word ruffle was chosen as a cohesive variable, facilitating a united exploration. The collection of works highlight the array a single subject can take on when opened up to collaborative thought and analysis. Presenting this will showcase diversity and the value of cross-disciplinary insight.


To ruffle is to disturb the smoothness of. There is a negative connotation to 'ruffle', as though smoothness is a natural and desirable state to which we should try to return to. Yet disruptions of the surrounding air, like sound, allows for the things we enjoy: music and speech.


Our project is an exploration of not just what's in a space, but how its construction can affect our behavior in it.

"The observer, when he seems to himself to be observing a stone, is really, if physics is to be believed, observing the effects of the stone upon himself."

Bertrand Russell

Sample character explorations


Explorations on tonality. We wanted it to be playful, imaginative, and interactive.

Sample art direction boards

Sample character explorations

Final character explorations

Installation at the University of Oregon's White Box Visual Laboratory July 13-August 24, 2013

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