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I have always been curious about how people alter their day-to-day to make it fit just a little better for themselves.

Objects, spaces, routines, relationships.

I wonder what's missing, what's working, and what could be better (and what does better mean?).

So often these questions have led me to intimate conversations with strangers, glimpses into how our brains are wired, and many trials and errors by building and testing.

I balance data with ideas

I help strategize the product and project roadmap towards tangible outcomes using research and prototypes.

I build infrastructure for change

I help build products iteratively to respond to behavioral, cultural, and market changes through usability testing and impact driven planning.

The skinny

I design big and craft the small

I design cohesive, branded user experiences from sketches, flows, feature planning, to the visual and interactive system.

I lead by listening

I help foster team growth and productivity by having "big ears", facilitating, mentoring, and learning from others.

At a glance

    • Leadnote - Hit the Floor

    A series of promotional posters for a local breakdancing competition for high-school students in Calgary, AB. Words were pulled from hip-hop bands.

    • (2011)
    • - Maps of the USA

    A visual-memory survey of the USA. Tumblr

    • (2012)
    • Nike - NXN

    “RunNXN is a real-time Facebook app that pulls in race-day data from the RFID chips on runners’ shoes and pushes it out to supporters on Facebook. It also features a live broadcast of the event (with multiple camera angles!), as well as a live chat feed-enabling fans to comment and engage with one another as if they were watching the race in person.”

    Supporters can post a customized cheer using a selection of colors and text sizes, and are able to auto-tag their Facebook friends.

    • Wieden+Kennedy (2012)
    • Plantly -
      UI & Illustrations

    Plantly is a new breed of online investment advice service that helps everyday Americans find a better place for their hard-earned cash. They are part of a new movement of start-ups that want to see a better breed of financial tools come out of their city NY. (UI work under NDA)

    • (2010)
    • - Findings

    • (Ongoing)
    • - Sketches at Central Park

    • (2011)
    • - Stack
      Display font concept

    Type exploration

    • (2010)
    • Coke - Ahhh
      UX concepts

    The Ahh campaign has been successful in publishing fun and delightful single-player games. But some experiences can be even more fun when they’re shared with a friend. We propose to bring groups of people together by introducing a multi- player game paradigm to the Ahh universe. Mobile devices can be easily synced with one another to create a multi-player environment. The devices can share screens to create a continuous landscape or unique individual screens, all the while interacting with each other. Our cell phones become a controller, a screen, and a player in the game.

    • Wieden & Kennedy (2013)
    • Substantial -

    We express the brand by answering the question, “what do we do” in a way that is simple and compelling. Single, familiar words communicate brand and projects in a way that’s understandable to every audience.

    • Substantial (2013)
    • In collaboration with Vik Sharma
    • - Before 9 After 5
      App concept

    The obligatory to-do app design. A focus on just two actions: adding to your general to-do and dragging up the ones to do today.

    • (2013)
    • - People looking at art

    Submission for Emily Carr’s 90th anniversary coloring book.

    • (2015)
    • White Box UofO - ruffle

    ruffle is an exhibition featuring work from a small group of Portland-based women working across the art and design spectrum. The group was created to help facilitate cross-disciplinary dialogue and critique. This exhibition is one manifestation of these conversations.

    • L.A.W.D PDX (2013)
    • Procter & Gamble - London 2012 Olympics
      P&G digital campaign and P&G Reactions

    Flew to London for the 2012 Olympics to create content for the P&G blog, which included interviews and blog posts. We also created commercials after a major competition event for sponsored athletes and aired them the following day.

    • Wieden & Kennedy (2012)
    • - At the park with Georges

    Re-interpreation of Georges-Pierre Seurat’s “A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte”

    • (2013)
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